Alex Ewing – ’Football, depression, and redemption’ – Episode 5

Alex Ewing, Director of the Bridge Project, has overcome hardship to move into God’s purpose for his life.

The Bridge is a registered, ecumenical Christian charity working in local schools at both primary and secondary level providing various levels of support. We work in approximately 26 schools on a regular basis and we have a team of over 30 people from across the churches in Salisbury.

At both levels (but particularly in the secondary work) we are increasingly expanding our work to provide support for both pupils and staff through a chaplaincy style method of work. We seek to be a Christian ‘presence’ in a school and express this through specific pieces of work – social skills groups, lunchtime clubs, lessons, collective worships, mentoring, detached work in the playground or pastoral support work targeted around young people with recognised difficulties. Our aim is to respond to need in a school whilst maintaining and expressing our distinct Christian faith and ethos.

As well as meeting the needs of schools and young people, we also want to give students of all ages an opportunity to hear about and explore the Christian faith in a way that is relevant and connects with the world they live in. Some of our projects offer an opportunity to explore the Christian faith, such as ’Prayer Space’ week, which presents the Gospel to the school and we run and support a number of Christian Unions and outreach projects.

The Bridge is so called because it seeks to be a ‘bridge’ between schools in the Salisbury area and churches. We were founded by ‘Churches Together in Salisbury’ in 1994. We seek to be a bridge that will enable young people to connect with and benefit from the rich life within Salisbury churches. We also strongly believe in the huge wealth of church members from across Salisbury, who have much to offer our schools with their time, talents and experience all adding to the life of local schools through a range of volunteering opportunities.